Benefits of Donating

Thank you for your interest shown in sponsoring and helping the students in Singapore Polytechnic (SP) who may have challenges or face financial difficulties in completing their Polytechnic education journey.

Gift of Education

The tuition cost for polytechnic education has been rising in recent years. In 2020, yearly tuition prices for Singaporeans are $2,900, $6,000 for Permanent Residents, and $10,800 for international students. Many of these students struggle to finance a Polytechnic education without financial assistance.

​The SPGG EF was established in partnership with our old institution, Singapore Polytechnic, to give financial aid to SP students who might otherwise fall between the gaps of government assistance and bursary systems.

Given the foregoing, we hope that companies and individuals like you would help our students by giving to bursary grants. The prizes can be distributed based on the criteria you choose.

As a guide and where possible, the value of each award could be $2000 so that this amount could cover a large portion of the year’s tuition fees for the student. Your sponsorship will make a difference in the lives of our students and their families.

Tax Exemption

All donations to Singapore Polytechnic (SP) from 1 Jan 2016 will qualify for Tax deduction of 2.5 times the donation amount. The donor needs only to provide us with his NRIC (if it’s an individual donor) or the Unique Entity Number (for donations under companies’ name); SP will claim the tax deduction from IRAS on behalf of the donor.

You Will Get to Meet the Beneficiary

SPGG will organize a Get-Together for all Benefactors & Beneficiaries so that you will get to meet the beneficiary and learn how your gift has made a difference to their SP education and learning journey.

Your Gift will be match 1.5 times by the government

All donations will be matched 1.5 times by the government. For example, a gift of $20,000 will be matched 1.5 times ($30,000) by the government so that additional bursaries will be awarded to a needy SP Student.

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