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Key in your email address that you registered with SPGG and your password.

Your email and password are both case-sensitive.

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Click on "Reset Password" (just below the [Log in] button. When prompted for Email, key in your email address that you registered with SPGG. You will be sent an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

You cannot update your account information yourself, please contact our Helpdesk at for this.

You may change your password using the steps in the previous question

Why am I getting a "Wrong Login / password" or "User not found!" error?

Please check if you have entered the correct email address and/or password.

Your email must be keyed in lowercase. Your email and password are both case-sensitive. Check if your CAPS LOCK key is ON. Check if your phone keyboard is auto-capitalizing your text.

If you require further assistance, please contact our Helpdesk at

Ensure email address you typed is correct and is the email registered with SPGG.

Check your email's junk/spam folder.

If you require further assistance, please contact our Helpdesk at

Please contact our Helpdesk at and notify us immediately

If you disclose your login credentials to anyone, you are solely responsible for covering any transactions made through your account.

Electronic Statement of Account (e-SOA)

If you have not opted out for the paper-based statement, you are automatically included for the e-SOA. Please ensure that your email address provided to us remains valid at all times to receive your e-SOA.

Members will receive their e-SOA every mid-month.

Please ensure that you have:
a) Update your email address with us
b) Sufficient capacity at all times (~5mb free)
c) Add to your email contact list / address book to avoid potential spam filtering into the Spam/Junk folder

If you still have not received any e-SOA, please notify us at

Yes, your e-SOA will be attached to the email as a password protected PDF file. You can download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader from

The instructions to key in your password will be part of the email sent to you. You are advised not to disclose the elements of your password to anyone for security purpose.

Yes, you may opt-out of e-SOA and receive the paper-based statement the following month. However, please note that from January 2020, there is an admin fee of $1 charged to your account for each printout or additional copies of paper-based statement requested.

You will continue to receive the paper-based statement and there will be an admin fee of $1  per hardcopy printed by SPGG will be charged w.e.f. 01 January 2020.

Electronic Parking System

Please email to a copy of your vehicle log card (can be obtained from, and indicate:

(a) Name of Registered Owner

(b) Vehicle Number

(c) Vehicle IU Number

For registrations received by Sunday, the registration would be ready for EPS by the next following Monday. Once we have received confirmation from the carpark vendor that your IU number has been correctly registered/updated in the EPS, you will receive an email notification from us.

Only Honorary, Life, Ordinary, Associate and Corporate (Fixed Nominee) Members with active membership are eligible for the 2-hour redemption under the EPS.

Students, Social, Term Individual and Corporate Term Members are not eligible.

No. Please submit only one application per principal membership as the EPS can only capture one vehicle detail for each membership number.


Members who intend to leave Singapore temporarily for a minimum period of six (6) months and up to a maximum period of thirty six (36) months may apply for an Absentee status.

You would need to complete the Absentee Form and include the following:

  • Supporting documents such as: Work Permit or Letter of Employment indicating the duration overseas, Letter of Enrolment to the Educational Institution that you are studying in.
  • Payment for any outstanding due.

Our Absentee application is for a minimum of six months and members must submit supporting documents on their stay overseas.

Members may apply for a maximum of thirty six months subject to the validity of their documents. For example, if your work permit has a validity of 24 months, you can only apply for a maximum of 24 months for your period of absence.

There will not be any posting of charges into the Member's account on the Monthly Subscription Fees and the Food & Beverage Minimum Spending Levy during the period of absence.

Yes, you may request for a temporary reactivation in your membership for a maximum period of two months and enjoy the facilities. You would need to complete the “My Reactivation Details” in the Absentee Form.

Family Privilege

You can include your spouse and unmarried child(ren) from 15 to 20 years old of age under the family privilege. The privilege shall commence in the month he/she turns 15 years old till the month he/she turns 21 years old.

For our Life, Ordinary, Associate Members and Corporate Fixed Member, the family privilege is charged at $20+ monthly in addition to the prevailing monthly subscription fee.

Your family will be entitled to the same benefits of the Guild as such you are entitled to.

You would need to complete the Family Privilege Application Form and include the following documents:

  • Spouse:  Marriage Certificate, NRIC and 1 coloured photograph.
  • Children: Birth Certificate and 1 coloured photograph.

Please write in to, indicating your request and SPGG Membership number.

Food & Beverage Minimum Spending Levy (MSL)

Why is the Guild implementing the Food and Beverage Minimum Spending Levy (MSL)?

The Committee's objective of implementing the MSL is to encourage all Members to patronise the Guild's F&B outlets more regularly. With this system, the Committee aims to turn the Guild into a lively and exciting place bustling with activities, with more Members patronising the F&B outlets.

The MSL rates are as follows:

Life, Ordinary, Associate Members

$30 per quarter

Term (SP Staff) Members

$45 per quarter

Term (Individual and Corporate) Members

$60 per quarter

Your MSL is calculated on a quarterly basis based on your month of birth.

The MSL is applicable only to the main member. However, any amount spent on F&B by family members under the Family Privilege Scheme belonging to your Membership Card will be considered as spending by the main member.

You can fulfil your MSL by patronizing our on premise F&B outlets: The Restaurant, SPGG Coffee Hub, Prince Edward Lounge and Oasis Hideout, as well as booking for banquet functions by producing your membership card.

In addition, ordering our Hearty Bundle Meal from The Restaurant at (Subject to available locations) is another good alternative if you prefer regular Restaurant food to be delivered to you, and this also counts toward your MSL spending.

Yes. If you are a Life/Ordinary/Associate Member where the MSL is $30 per quarter, you would need to top up the difference of $5 ($30 - $25). This levy will be charged to the following month of each quarter and through the member's existing mode of payment.

The use of the $30 birthday voucher is not inclusive as part of your MSL. However, the remaining $20 paid will be included as part of your MSL.

Transfer of Membership

  • Transferor holding the Associate Membership (with No Voting rights) shall transfer to a qualified person as stipulated in Article 12 of the Constitution.
  • Transferor holding the Ordinary Membership (with Voting Rights) shall transfer to a qualified Singapore Polytechnic graduate as stipulated in Article 10 of the Constitution.

As per our Constitution, the Guild shall be paid a transfer fee to facilitate / administer the transfer of membership from the Transferor to the Transferee.

What are the criteria for transfer of membership?
  • Transferor must be eligible and qualified for the transfer, has paid the full prevailing subscription fees for at least 3 years and has settled all outstanding arrears prior to any transfer.
  • Both Transferor and Transferee must complete the Transfer of Membership Application Form.
  • The transfer is subject to the Executive Committee’s approval and the payment of a transfer fee to The Guild.

The transfer fee is an administrative fee that the Guild collects to process the legal transfer of SPGG membership from the Transferor to the Transferee.

As the Guild is not a party to the transaction other than to process the legal transfer of SPGG membership, either party may settle the payment of transfer fee prior to the execution of this transfer process.

Our Executive Committee has deliberated and approved the Transfer Fee as $500+, which is subject to review in subsequent years.

For immediate family members, the transfer fee is $200+.

Your parents, spouse, children, brother or his spouse, sister or her spouse. You will also be required to submit the relevant Birth / Marriage Certificates where applicable.

As it is a private arrangement between a willing Transferor and a willing Transferee, the Transferee may pay directly to the Transferor without informing the Guild of the selling price.

In any event, the Guild will not be held responsible or liable for any losses, damages and any other matters arising from such a private arrangement.

Upon completion of membership transfer by the Guild, all rights and privileges of the Transferor shall cease and be assumed by the Transferee.

As this is a commercial transaction between a willing Transferor and willing Transferee, the Guild is unable to assist such a private arrangement.

The Guild's role is only to facilitate the transfer of membership in accordance to our Constitution.

You can contact the Membership Services Department at 6796 9988 or drop us an email at

Overseas Reciprocal Arrangements

Only SPGG Members who are non-residents of Australia can enjoy the facilities at UCWA and The Monash University Club and vice versa who are non-residents of Singapore can enjoy the facilities at SPGG.

Kindly contact the Membership Department. at or 6796 9988 to arrange for a “Letter of Introduction from SPGG”.

Please allow at least 5 working days for your request to be processed.

The “Letter of Introduction for SPGG” is valid for period of 4 weeks from the date of issue and is limited to 4 times per year for each Member.

Please refer to the "Overseas Reciprocal Clubs" section under our Member's Benefits page ( For a complete list, please refer to the individual host club's website listed there.

For any other queries/questions not listed here, kindly contact the Membership Department. at or at 6796 9988.


No, but we can arrange catering services to suit your requirements.

No, our in house caterer maintains a "No pork & no lard" practice. We can outsource a catering service to provide "Halal" menu if required.

Yes, but there will be a corkage charge of $30++ per bottle of hard liquor and $25++ per bottle of wine. Only Singapore duty paid liquor and wine can be consumed in The Guild.

Yes. Our banquet rooms are ideal for Weddings, Business Meetings, Cocktail Parties, Christmas Parties, Private Dinner Parties, Birthday Parties, and Anniversaries. Prices vary according to the size of the banquet rooms chosen, number of participants and the packages chosen. Our banquet executive will be able to assist you in these areas.

Yes, however, there will be additional charges applied accordingly.

Members are able to include their spending in banquet functions as part of the MSL by indicating their details clearly on the Banquet Confirmation Order.

It will be offset on the first day of the commencement of the function.

You can contact the banquet department at 67969988. Alternatively you can drop an email to


SPGG organizes feng shui talks, overseas trips, nature exploration tours, mahjong competitions, financial talks, golf, fishing trips, year-end parties, giving back to society, leadership dialogues, children's educational workshops, shopping tours & many more.

Members of SPGG and their guests, reciprocal partners.

You can view through our website at Additionally, you can also obtain the information through emailers, SPGG's Telegram Channel and notices in the Guild.

You may contact our Events Department @ 67969988 or email

Most of our events require a minimum number of participants before the event can commence. As such, your application would be keep in view till we have the required number of participants. So do bring in your friends to join in with you.

You may visit to register and pay for our activities online. If you would like to have more information, you may contact the Events Departtment @ 67969988 or email