Testimonials from Recipients and Donors

Testimonials from Recipients and Donors

From the Recipients

"My parents struggle to make ends meet every month. As such, the Yeapp Sui Hong bursary has provided tremendous support and enabled me to better focus on my academics. My benefactor, Mr Robin Ng, has inspired me and I hope to be able to help those who are in need and contribute back to the society like how he did in the near future."
Sim Xuesi
Diploma in Biomedical Science
“We are currently staying with our grandparents – six people in a four-room flat. We have our own flat but we have to rent it out in order to support dad’s medical fees. The bursary money will help me a lot with yearly expenses including money needed for my course materials.”
Benjamin Soh Jun Jie
Diploma in Landscape Architecture
“I work part-time during weekends in Orchard distributing drinks at $7 per hour. Even then it is quite taxing when you are studying and working at the same time. The money from the Endowment Fund will help reduce some of the burden from my school fees."
Tan Yong Jie
Diploma in Electronic & Electric Engineering

“My dad tries to protect me from most of our financial issues. I try to refrain from eating so I can save some money. To the donors, what you have been doing is really inspiring. In the future when I become self-sufficient, I would also like to help students who require financial aid.”
Christopher Seck Choa Hong
Diploma in Biomedical Science

“I try not to take money from my mother. She has to pay for the housing loan which comes to about $500 monthly because of the divorce and does not have much money in her CPF. With the Endowment Fund, I do not have to work that much and it can also help to pay back the tuition loan once I graduate."
Elaine Chua
Diploma in Architecture


From the Donors

"Having graduated with a Diploma from SP, I was fortunate enough to be able to impart my knowledge as a Training Officer for 12 years at the Singapore Technical Institute, before moving on to incorporate a successful business. As the saying goes, Knowledge is Power. It is thus heartbreaking to hear of SP students having to struggle with a job to support their families whilst studying at the same time. Where my gift can help, not once, but one student every year in perpetuity, definitely brings a great sense of joy that truly cannot be quantified! I trust this gift will also have a multiplier effect, encouraging such bursary recipients to repay back in future, having been instilled an everlasting sense of gratitude, love and care not only towards SP, but also towards society.”
Mr Victor Lye
SP Graduate in Mechanical Engineering
“Each individual’s contribution is but a drop in the ocean, but collectively I hope that it swells into the “might ocean” of compassion for others and becomes the catalyst that will push and challenge everyone to do better and achieve his full potential.”
Mr Peter Chen
Former Senior Minister of State For Education
“The last thing that should happen to anyone is to be unable to pursue his/her education because of a lack of funds. There are many who get funds because they are the top of the class, but helping students to be the top of the class by funding their studies so that they spend less time worrying about finance is really something else.”
Dr Indrayogan Yogarajah
Managing Director, Golder Associates (Singapore) Pte Ltd
SP Alumnus
“No one has ever become poor by giving. Education is one of the best gifts of all. I hope the bursary recipients of today will go on to lend a helping hand to students who are in need of the future, creating a cycle of receiving and giving back.”
Mr Choo Chiau Beng
Immediate-Past CEO, Keppel Corporation
Senior Advisor, Keppel Corporation
“The academically gifted will be channeled into the numerous scholarships available to them. But how do we help the less gifted? They too deserve a chance and it is for them that we can make a difference.”
Mr Lee Seng Gee
Former Chairman, Lee Foundation